Bun B: Trill OG, university professor.

The UGK rapper will teach a course on religion and hip-hop culture this fall at Houston’s Rice University.

“This class offers the opportunity to explore the connections between religion and hip-hop in ways that open us in seeing our world differently,” Bun B says in the accompanying video.

This will be an online course Bun B will teach with Religious Studies Professor Anthony Pinn. The two have taught a classroom version of the subject before.

“Our classroom course at Rice went so well that people off campus were contacting us and asking us about the course and how they could take it,” said Pinn in a statement on Rice’s website. “Working with Bun in the classroom, it became clear that there were ways of learning and teaching that we hadn’t tapped. The MOOC gave us a way to be even more creative and innovative in terms of how we link the rest of world with the cultural richness and diversity of Houston to get information across.”

Registration for the course starts on March 24.

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