Remember that scene in Big where Tom Hanks’ character messes around on a floor piano and stumbles on to magic? What happened on The Tonight Show was kind of like that, except without Hanks, but with Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon and an iPad.

The Tonight Show continued its excellent week in Los Angeles by bringing in Smith as a guest. Smith, of course, is known to engage in some rapping, so Fallon decided it would be a good idea to recreate Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock’s classic “It Takes Two” from scratch. How is this possible? With some beatboxing and an iPad application called Loopy, which loops and layers live recordings.

It all worked. Fallon and Smith performed the lyrics with slight twists, the studio crowd got into it and we have the next cool viral hip-hop moment courtesy of Fallon. Everybody wins.

The reason Smith was on the show in the first place was to promote his new movie Focus. The comedy-drama hits theaters on Feb. 27.

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