After growing up during her father’s two presidential terms in The White House, Malia Obama faces the prospect of a slightly more typical teenage decision. The 16-year-old will choose which college to attend, and it appears NYU and Columbia University are both on the list. First Lady Michelle Obama and Malia Obama were spotted on both campuses today. An anonymous student tipped off NYU’s student-run blog,, while another student posted a picture of the First Lady on campus.

‘Apparently everyone was told that the elevators were ‘shut down’ for the 10 minutes they were in the building, but I knew the truth,’ the anonymous student told NYULocal.

Malia Obama recently made news for sporting a Pro Era t-shirt. After donning the memorabilia of the Brooklyn Hip Hop collective, the White House reportedly investigated how members from Pro Era got hold of the photo. The pictures from both the Columbia University visit and the NYU visit can be seen below.

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