Slick Rick, an iconic emcee who established himself as one of the most acclaimed storytellers in the history of hip-hop, recently turned 50 years old. That might be hard to believe for many. I mean, it’s even a little hard for Rick The Ruler to believe it.

“I don’t feel like I’m 50,” he said during an interview with  The New York Times. “I don’t talk like a 50-year-old person. Sometimes miserable old people depend on happy young people to give them a sense of purpose. Not me. Of course not!”

Rick, who released his solo debut album The Great Adventures of Slick Rick in 1988, may not feel old, but he does have an opinion on how the latest generations of hip-hop are molding the culture.

“Hip-hop disrupted the order of things,” he said. “It was the pulpit, and if you put the right person in front of the pulpit, they can speak for the youth of the planet. Instead, it was altered and diluted. What you see now are performers who have been broken to fit into a mold. They are not going to disrupt the order of things.”

Age might be nothing but a number, but for some rap fans, it’s really important. Take Young Thug, for example, who recently said Jay Z is too old to rap.


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