After being selected as the first overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers in last June’s draft, Andrew Wiggins never played one minute for the franchise. LeBron James returned to Northeastern Ohio, and Wiggins was traded to the moribund Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love. With only 11 wins against 42 losses, the T-Wolves may be headed back to the lottery, but Friday night, Wiggins showcased the talent that has made him one of the team’s bright spots. In the NBA All-Star Weekend’s Rising Stars Challenge, Wiggins recorded 22 points, six rebounds, four assists for the World Rookies and Sophomores. His squad defeated the U.S. Rookies and Sophomores 121-112.

‘The future is bright for us,’ Wiggins told ESPN in a postgame interview. ‘The most people in a rookie-sophomore game. So it shows us rising. It shows what we can be in the future.’

Wiggins did some rising of his own with both a 360-degree dunk and by catching a cross-court alley-oop from Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder. He wrapped up an efficient night of shooting by going 8-11 from the field.

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