Erykah Badu has never been one to bite her tongue, and the same can be said of Azealia Banks. The two strong personalities came to a digital head Saturday, as the two exchanged some opinions on Twitter, as Banks ended the exchange with some snark.

To take things back to square one, a user named @pradahungry asked Badu if she listened to Banks’ music, to which Badu replied, ‘Tried.’

The exchange began in earnest as Azealia Banks’ replied to Badu by tweeting, ‘Jealousy.’

‘Well shit, I did try. Maybe you’re right.. I’m just too old to get it. You cool tho?’

The always opinionated Banks did not disappoint with her reply.

‘When artists grow old and begin to recognize their own mortality they throw shade at younger spirits. We see it happen ALL the time. Whether or not you like me… You are WATCHING, and that’s what’s most important.’

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