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Ray J and his girlfriend Princess Love may have a date with a judge soon. The Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood stars were down in New Orleans last Wednesday when things took a sour turn in their relationship. TMZ is reporting Princess attacked Ray after she learned he spent the night with television producers at a strip club. When Ray returned to their hotel room, Princess flipped her lid and attacked the singer/actor resulting in him receiving a split lip, cracked ribs and a tear in his ACL. A witness at the hotel overheard Princess scream to Ray, “I’m gonna kill you,” moments later Ray ran out of the room where hotel security spotted him bleeding and promptly called 911. Later on, Princess was arrested and charged with domestic abuse and battery.

Here’s where things get wacky. Once Princess was processed for her alleged assault against Ray, he paid her bail and also shelled out $10,000 for her attorney! How crazy is that?! This isn’t the first time the couple has made headlines for their relationship woes. In December, Ray called the police for Princess after she threatened to kill herself when he allegedly broke up with her.

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