The Roots are the biggest rap band in the world and the best band in late night, but they are also free agents. That’s what Black Thought recently told HipHopDX.

“We’re not really on Def Jam now,” Thought said when asked to reflect on the iconic label. “We’re kind-of free agents if need be. It was cool, Def Jam was cool. Geffen was cool. I didn’t feel any difference. Def Jam felt like Geffen. A major label is a major label to me.

Black Thought went on to say that The Roots is a self sufficient band and that they have never relied on a label to help them. He added that the group’s self promotion helped their brand grow and that a label won’t make a difference in their career as a band. The Roots remain a band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They are also working on new music at a studio provided by NBC. Beyond this, Black Thought has also been working with the likes of DJ Premier.


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