Kevin Durant is done with the nice guy. In an interview with GQ Magazine, the small forward revealed that when it comes to playing on the court, he’s really not the “nicest guy in the NBA.”

“When I’m on the court,” he says, “I’m a total a–hole. I’m a dick. I don’t talk to the other team. If I fall on somebody, I throw them to the ground, I’m not helping them up. I just feel like it’s a war mode. Like, they’re trying to kill me, but I gotta kill them before they kill me.”

One surprising note from the interview: when he made his MVP speech last year, he was upset that Twitter turned a touching moment into a meme. He felt that in a way it cheapened his feelings in a moment meant to honor his mother.

“I was like, man, that was a real emotional moment for me, and you making a joke about it! Like: Damn. Y’all don’t really believe in shit. You don’t have no morals or nothing. You don’t care about nothing but just making fun.

“I was serious as hell saying that, you know what I’m saying?”

It looks like Durant’s “new and improved” image is here to stay. To read more about Durant and the NBA season, head over to GQ.

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