Dark Sky Paradise dropped. That means its time for some Big Sean promo. Monday’s stop was at The Nightly Show.

The rhymer joined a panel that featured comedian Martin Short, New York magazine’s Frank Rich and The Blaze‘s Tara Setmayer to discuss Rudy Giuliani‘s unsurprisingly racist comments on Barack Obama. Sean looked a bit out of place, but he did deliver some gold when Larry Wilmore put him on the spot, confirming what many already thought: “It’s kind of similar: rap beef and political beef. I just feel like political beef is a little more violent.”

Wilmore implicitly threw up an alley for Sean by steering the conversation toward Detroit. He took the opportunity to shut down Setmayer’s haphazard defense of Giuliani. First, Sean talked about his late grandmother Mildred V. Leonard and her accomplishments: becoming one of the first black female captains of World War II, being one of the first female police officers in Detroit and serving the community. This put her in the parameters of whatever American-ness (and by “whatever” we mean black) Giulani was trying to discredit. Sean went on to give a progress report on the ailing city of Detroit and Obama’s effect.

“My people have been getting way more jobs,” Sean said. “It was at one point where they didn’t have jobs. Now the city is thriving.”

“Thriving” may not be entirely accurate, but Sean did make more sense than what Setmayer and Giuliani said.

In the “Keep It 100” segment, Wilmore asked if Sean could beat his mentor Kanye West in a freestyle. He said yes without even thinking, and many probably would agree. Anyways, Dark Sky Paradise officially dropped after the episode’s 11:30 p.m. airing.

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