Ice T rose to prominence as an important voice in rap. His jams like “Colors” shed light on a growing gang problem in society. His rise in acting has also allowed his voice to become even more Power-ful. But recently, Ice T used his recognizable voice to imitate infamous animated characters, when he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The result is completely hilarious.

At one point, Ice T even does the voice of Dora The Explorer. “Alright, Boots, we gotta find Crocodile Lake,” he says. “Any of you motherf-ckers seen Crocodile Lake? Oh, yeah. No sh-t. It’s the lake filled with crocodiles.”

While on the show, Ice T also used his voice to comment on a variety of pop culture topics, including Fifty Shades Of Grey. “Boring,” he said of the film. “It could have been on Nickelodeon. I went to see it with Coco. Coco read the books. She said it was boring. She didn’t make me go. I wanted to see what all the women were talking about. Maybe I could have learned some moves. “Fifty Shades of Grey. That’s nothing,” he added. “One shade of Black. That’s all you need. That’s all you need, baby.”


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