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Life is imitating art for Empire star Jussie Smollett, who just signed a new deal with Columbia Records.

Smollett has grabbed the attention of some music industry pros, and he’s getting another chance to share his musical gift in a new way. “There will be a Jussie Smollett album. I signed to Columbia,” he announced during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, adding that he’s going to be in some amazing company at Columbia. “So, darling, I’m label mates with Beyoncé and Adele and Barbra Streisand.”


We shouldn’t expect a similar vibe from Smollett’s own studio project. He would still love to have his friends from the show contribute something creatively to the album, though. “It’s going to be a whole different thing. Now, the Empire family will still have something to do with it,” said Smollett.

“I would love for Terrence to come and oversee the production of all of the music,” he continued.  “I would love for Timbaland to come on and Jim Beanz. We’ve all talked and they’re all down to work on it.”

In other news, it looks like there might be an Empire headed on tour, according to Entertainment Weekly. Dana Walden, co-chair and co-CEO of Fox Television Group, said it’s a possibility.

“We are thinking about what the future is of the brand,” explains Dana Walden, co-chair and co-CEO of Fox Television Group. “What we learned onGlee and what we tried to do on Glee is be very cognizant that the music business is the tail of this dog—the show is the thing. But we are certainly looking down the line. There’s no reason not to think of having all sorts of ancillary opportunities with this show. We’re certainly thinking about idea of doing a live concert series.”

We’ll keep you updated on tour news.


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