With previous song titles like “Sell My Dope” and “25 To Life,” you can somewhat be forgiven if you incorrectly assumed Yo Gotti’s upcoming album, The Art Of Hustle, was about whipping work with the aid of some baking soda and Pyrex cookware. Gotti has been perfecting his hustle since he was under the tutelage of Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan “Birdman” Williams in the early ‘90s. He’s taken that knowledge, added the likes of Snootie Wild and Wave Chappelle to his Collective Music Group imprint, and this summer, he aims to push his product to those fiending for a way to increase their business savvy.

Gotti recently appeared at the AKOO Style lounge at the Charlotte EpiCentre during the CIAA Tournament. In a recent interview with Alexandra “Duggie” Dugger of DTLR Radio, Gotti explained why his new material is more Sun Tzu than Nino Brown.

“I got the concept from The Art Of War,” Gotti said, referencing infamous Chinese war general Sun Tzu’s military text. “I feel like I’m one of the ultimate hustlers. I feel like it’s rules, strategies, and laws to being in a hustle. It’s more of an art form than what they perceive it to be out here in the streets. It’s like you just get up and go out on the corner, and you hustling. That ain’t hustling to me.”

Recently, Gotti’s hustle has landed CMG a partnership with Epic Records. That partnership helped Gotti’s 2013 album, I Am, debut at the #2 spot on Billboard magazine’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Gotti said he expects The Art Of Hustle to be released in either May or June of 2015.