A few months after tying the knot, rapper/actor Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue have confirmed they’re expecting an addition to their family. The couple took to Instagram to announce Mbouguiengue’s pregnancy, as Luda kissed her pregnant belly in a picture topped off with the caption “Beautiful day on the beach.”

Ludacris, whose given name is Christopher Bridges, and Mbouguiengue were married over the 2014 holidays. That news was also shared via social media. Ludacris is already a father of two. In addition to co-starring in the upcoming action movie, Fast 7, Ludacris is expected to release his eighth solo album, Ludaversal, on March 31.

Keeping with the theme of sharing news via Instagram, Ludacris uploaded a video announcing the Ludaversal release date.

“The 30-day countdown to Ludaversal begins now,” Luda said. “You see me. Laying in the shade, Behike Cuban, old white man behind me, but I’m grizzly mode. No haircut, no none of that. And I’m letting y’all know, 30 days. Ludaversal, March 31st!”

You can view Ludacris and Eudoxie’s Instagram posts below.

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