Fed up with all the negative stereotypes about African-Americans, YouTube personality Frenchesca Ramsey joined forces with Tumblr friend T’Von to promote #BlackOutDay — a hashtag created to celebrate Black beauty and existence, according to ABC News.

The hashtag, which encourages users to share images of themselves, is now trending on Twitter.

Reports ABC News:

“We’re asking black people to share pictures, videos and GIFs of themselves to celebrate our people coming from all different walks of life,” Ramsey said. “It’s a celebration of black beauty and our individuality.

“Unfortunately, in most popular media talking about black people and our bodies, it’s mostly of us breaking the law, being killed or mistreated,” Ramsey added. “So it’s nice to combat these negative images and stereotypes with positive representations of ourselves.”

Are you participating in #BlackOutDay? Let us know in the comments.

Here are a few beautiful images so far:



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