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Shortly after “Awesome” hit the internet, it was confirmed that Kanye’s laptop was stolen in Paris. This is eerily similar to the situation that Ryan Leslie recently went through. G.O.O.D. Music artist Malik Yusef took to twitter to announce the theft.

While this incident couldn’t have happened at a worse time — or individual — we couldn’t help but wonder what could be on Ye’s computer. And in the lovely social media-driven world we currently live in, the “laptop” now has its own twitter page. Naturally, the trolling commenced:

But what do you guys think is actually on Yeezy’s Macbook?

Here’s our four guesses.

1. The Answers

Seeing as how Sway didn’t have them during their interview, it’s only natural that we assume that they can be found in this piece of machinery.


2. Amber Rose video footage!

Seeing as how Kanye claimed he had to “take 30 showers” after breaking up with Amber, it leaves you to wonder just how filthy things got. One thing we do know, is that Muva isn’t ashamed of being seen without proper attire. So, it’s quite possible that there’s video footage to accompany the filth levels.

3. Yeezy Collection Apparel & Footwear

With all the hoopla surrounding Kanye‘s deal with Adidas, it’s very likely that there’s a lot more in store when it comes to fashion/footwear releases. There could easily be a preview of the next edition Yeezy Boost sneaker, as well as a glimpse of some upcoming Yewear!

4. Unreleased Music

The obvious thing on the Macbook is music. However, Kanye is just as much of a producer as he is a rapper, so there could be all types of unreleased tracks stored on his laptop. With Big Sean’s album in stores, a rumored ‘Watch the Throne 2’, Pusha T’s follow-up, and much more slated to hit shelves in the very near future, the founder/culprit could possibly be sitting on a goldmine!

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