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Kendrick Lamar is the cover star of the upcoming Rolling Stone issue.

For the magazine shoot, Kendrick went to a car wash and looked like he had some fun. For the cover, he was photographed in Hollywood. The interview in the issue is set to go over the rapper’s bouts with depression and self doubt, according to a preview article released by the magazine.

In the piece, Derek “Mixed By Ali” Ali says Kendrick was very specific about the production he wanted for his upcoming album How To Pimp A Butterfly. “He would say, ‘I want it to sound eerie,’ or ‘I want it to sound like you’re driving past something.’ Or he talks in colors: ‘Make it sound purple. Make it sound light green,’” Ali shared.

Kendrick says the album is “honest, fearful and unapologetic.” Why?

“You take a black kid out of Compton and put him in the limelight, and you find answers about yourself you never knew you were searching for,” he said in the piece. “There’s some stuff in there, man. It’s a roller coaster. It builds.”

The Rolling Stone cover is below.

Kendrick Lamar’s How To Pimp A Butterfly is set to be released March 24.


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