Waka Flocka

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Rapper Waka Flocka Flame was scheduled to perform at the University of Oklahoma in April, but he canceled his concert after the video of the members of school’s fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon singing a racist chant surfaced.

He sat down with CNN to discuss the cancelation and to give his thoughts on the fraternity’s actions. He explained that he hung out with SAE on several occasions and that they made him feel comfortable like he was a part of the organization. After seeing the racist chant, Waka Flocka said he felt disgusted by their actions.

“My initial reaction when I seen the video, I was more like hurt. More like disgusted, because I knew those kids, I performed for those kids,” the Atlanta rapper said in reference to a 2014 concert at the university. “They made me feel like a brother. Just to see what a person does behind closed doors was more disgusting than hurting. I wasn’t angry, I was just disgusted.”

“I really felt like I was down with the fraternity. Like I was SAE. You couldn’t tell me no different. So for me to see that video, I was like, ‘Damn, that’s what y’all doing behind closed doors?’ That disgusted me. To me, I really can’t blame the kids. To me, I feel like that’s passed down. You can’t even make me believe that. That’s just crazy. I’m disgusted, I’m not gonna lie.”


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