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Uh oh!

It looks as though Drake’s recent outburst about the film based on himself may have landed a hefty lawsuit at his front door. The movie, titled Drake’s Homecoming: The Lost Footage, is reportedly based around a concert at Toronto’s Sound Academy in 2009, following the release of Drake’s breakout mixtape So Far Gone, released a few months before in February.

However, Drake doesn’t seem best pleased about the picture. Taking to Twitter this past Monday (March 16), Drake spoke out regarding the project:

The following day (March 17), he tweeted:

A representative for Drake recently issued a statement to the Los Angeles Times regarding the project.

“Obviously Drake and OVO only put out music and video/film that is of the highest quality for their brand and what their fans have come to expect, and do not want any fans to buy into something that has not come from them.”

However, co-executive producer for the film Mark Berry says that Drake was not honoring a “contractual commitment.”

“I think he thought nothing was going to happen with the film,” he said to the LA Times. “It’s an issue of someone not honoring a contractual commitment to another person.”

According to Berry, Drake has known about the plans to take the film to theaters since November and even approved of an early trailer.

Would Drake’s tweets actually hold up in court? A NY State attorney explained to The Urban Daily that it’s possible, but unlikely:

Tweets can definitely be introduced and used. There is a whole authentication process that may have to happen but more likely than not they can be introduced. I wouldn’t base my entire case on one though since without much more these particular set of tweets could mean anything.

As far as news goes, the film is still scheduled for release today (March 19). Courtesy of Fathom Films, the picture is set to hit close to 350 theaters for one night only.

A trailer for the movie can be viewed below.


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