Orderly pushing patient on stretcher into emergency entrance

Source: Keith Brofsky / Getty

Both Deadspin and The Sporting News report Perro Aguayo Jr. died after an in-match accident during Friday’s tag-team bout against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Xtreme Tiger. Videos of the match indicate either a dropkick or a flying kick from one of his opponents caused Aguayo’s injuries while Aguayo was on the ropes. Aguayo remained motionless while the other competitors—who appeared unaware of the situation—briefly continued. Initial reports by F4Wonline list the 35-year-old wrestler’s cause of death as cervical spine trauma.

Pedro Aguayo Jr. was the son of legendary WWF wrestler Pedro Aguayo, former WWF Light Heavyweight Champion. He was a wrestler an a promoter also known as “El Hijo del Perro.” After receiving ringside treatment after the match, Aguayo reportedly died late Friday night at Tijuana’s Hospital del Prado.

Footage of the match was captured by some fans, though it may be extremely disturbing to some viewers.

WARNING: The following video contains violence and may be disturbing to some viewers

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