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With all the madness that pop culture provides us on a daily basis, it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the new crazy things that happen. But thanks to the power of video, we were able to round up some of the internet’s most popular personalities and put them in front of a green screen and allow them to sound off. Here are seven hilarious quotes from the first episode of ‘#NoFilter‘.

1. LowKey – “On the lowest of keys, Kanye IS the Beyhive!”

Nile “LowKey” Ivey thinks that Kanye’s laptop is filled with Beyonce material, including the Beyhive headquarters.

2. Kaz – “I’m all pull-out champion 10 years running!”

Kazeem Famuyide of ‘The Stashed’ offers up a foolproof method for any young men looking to avoid the illegitimate child case that Chris Brown caught.

3. Rodney Rikai – “I have a strange suspicion that Kanye has an unlimited supply of selfies and his own d**k pics on his laptop.”

Washington Wizards in-game host Rodney Rikai weighs in on what he believes is on Kanye’s missing laptop. For some odd reason, this sounds incredibly accurate.

4. Kaz – “He [Suge Knight] knows exactly how to NOT die.”

With Suge now in custody for his hit & run case, it seems like he’s funny running out of good luck.

5. Skoob – “There’s absolutely no way Terrence Howard is picking Mo’nique up, nor f**king the s**t outta’ her!”

Doesn’t seem like TUD’s Franchise Editor is a believer in Mo’nique starring as Cookie Lyon.

6. Alzo Slade – “I don’t even know what it means to shut down the internet…I did see the pictures and it shut me down for a minute.”

The man that brought you ‘Grits & Biscuits‘ wouldn’t mind finding more nude footage of Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian on Yeezy’s laptop.

7. Kaz – “We watched Bob Saget say he sucked d**k for coke. Then he’s doing blow in ‘Entourage‘. If we survived that, we can survive Bill Cosby.”

And these are just a few of the quick sound-bytes that we could give you.

In this episode, the cast takes on Kanye’s stolen laptop, Chris Brown’s new baby, Suge Knight’s hit and run, all things ‘Empire‘, and Bill Cosby’s creepy internet video.



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