Gina Rodriguez

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Gina Rodriguez might be known for her Golden Globe Award-winning role as Jane Villanueva in CW’s Jane the Virgin, but behind the glamour of her latest work, she’s also been a talented emcee.

In 2012, Rodriguez appeared in Filly Brown, a film that also featured the late musical icon Jenni Rivera as well as accomplished star Lou Diamond Philips and the legendary Edward James Olmos. Rodriguez was a rapper in the film so she had to learn to be an emcee for the movie, but she had training her entire life.

“I grew up in Chicago so hip-hop has always been a part of my life,” she told Indie Wire. “I grew up dancing salsa, you know a traditional Puerto Rican dance. And in school, I would mess around with the emcees and all my melodies, if you will. But emceeing was terrifying to me. These guys and girls, they were vicious. It always frightened me.”

At NYU,  Rodriguez says she did a lot of spoken word, an art that no doubt helped her when trying to rhyme. And it looks like all of the practice paid off quite well. Here’s a look at Gina Rodriguez, the rapper.

Filly Brown Performance 


“I got my head up and I’m plotting on my next plan / Visionary of a world I’m currently livin’ in.”

Gina Rodriguez On Realness

“Talk about realness, baby, you could feel this / No fake titties and my back bootylicious.”

The Making Of “Get Nasty” 

Here’s a look at the film.

Gina Rodriguez Reflects


Time to get reflective.

The Latina Profile


“The world is all mine, check the MySpace profile.”

Gina Rodriguez And 2MEX Collaborate


Here’s Gina talking to legendary Los Angeles underground emcee 2Mex and producer Garfield Adams about the pressures of Hollywood and how the hood impacted her.

My Real Name Gina

Gina wasn’t happy just rapping in Filly Brown so she did her own rhymes outside of the film. “Filly Brown is just a character I play / My real name Gina and I’m reppin’ me all day / Givin’ power to the ladies in a positive way / Holdin’ down my Latinas ’cause I  got something to say.”

The World Is Yours

“For all you brown babies out there. We thinkin’ about you. We love you.

Inspira Inspiration

“If you really want it bad enough, successful, you could be / Seek the power that’s inside and let it free.”


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