If you grew up in NY, Angie Martinez was the original Twitter.  The legendary NY DJ has continued to be a trusted music news source for generations, always at the forefront of hip-hop’s biggest waves and ebbs since the ’90s. We caught up with Angie at Orgullosa Latina, a women’s empowerment event in NYC, alongside Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez and Orange Is The New Black star Selenis Leyva.

Angie shared that she had no plans to become “The Voice of NY,” but it was a title she earned by giving artists a trusted place to speak their minds:

I always wanted to treat people with respect. And sometimes that doesn’t mean you’re going to get the best moment… Sometimes you do, because people get comfortable and they share and that’s amazing, and you hope for that.  But ultimately you can’t lose who you are trying to serve people.

And we got to ask the question we’ve been wanting to ask since 1997… what’s Angie listening to? Check out our chat above, and see which rappers have her ear these days.


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