One thing for sure about Zoe Kravitz is hot. But how could she not be when she’s been blessed with the unicorn genes of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet? In her interview with Complex, we see that she’s way more than what meets the eye. We discover that the actress-singer has intricate layers to her – layers that she’s not afraid to peel back. She’s downright relatable. Here’s what we learned about the stunner.

1. She’s down to earth.



She frequents a coffeeshop in her Brooklyn neighborhood where she knows everyone.


2. She had a “normal” upbringing with her family.



She wasn’t “raised by nannies” like other celebrity children. “It’s like this whole thing where people think we’re so cool and hippie and wear velvet… but we’re the fucking nerdiest people,” she said.


3. While she considered her childhood “normal,” it was still unconventional at times.



Kravitz recalled a story of waking up to Ashton Kutcher making omelets in her kitchen before she had to go to school. “I went downstairs and had pimple cream on my face and was wearing a T-shirt. There he was, making an omelet. We sat there before school, and ate [omelets], not understanding why he was there.”


4. She’s in awe of her mother, Lisa Bonet, just like the rest of us.

Zoe Kravitz and mother Lisa Bonet at 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Source: David Livingston / Getty


“My mother’s a… beautiful woman, and I think, in some way, I felt intimidated by that sometimes.”


5. She keeps it real with herself on how celebrity has affected her and her acting career.



“I wasn’t the most talented girl in the world when I was 15. It was because my parents were famous, and they were like, ‘Cool, maybe we can make money off of that.’” Kravitz said. “I know so many talented people that do the most amazing things but they need to work at a restaurant. I don’t. I can make all the art I want and get paid to do it—it’s fucking crazy. I’m so thankful for it.”


6. She’s really not dating Drake – so there’s hope for dudes everywhere (maybe).



‘He’s family to me. He’s a really, really awesome dude.”


Check the rest of her interview here.

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