Nathalie Emmanuel

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You might have seen Nathalie Emmanuel in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but if you don’t watch that, then you’ll be sure to catch her in Furious 7 this weekend. We’ve been eyeing Emmanuel for a minute, and not just because she’s hot. Okay, it’s because she’s hot, but there’s more to the 5-foot-7 British actress than we know, so here’s everything we’ve got:

She got her start acting in London’s cast of The Lion King playing young Nala when she was 10.


Lion King Brodway



Emmanuel makes you wish you watched, Hollyoaks, the British soap opera she was on.



She’s all about the action (if you couldn’t already guess), and says she can learn a lot from her Game of Thrones character.

“I feel like if she was to have any weapon,” Emmanuel said to GQ, “it would be a bow and arrow. She’s so mathematical and particular and still. But from what I understand from my research on Missandei and the people of Naath…”

But if you needed any more reason to like Nathalie Emmanuel, peep our gallery below.

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