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Lily Allen

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The jury’s still out on Jay Z‘s Tidal, mainly because we have yet to hear the benefit of it for the consumers over other streaming music giants like Spotify. Singer Lily Allen took to Twitter to share her thoughts about what’s really going on with with music subscriptions and how it relates to the consumer and artist.

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According to E Online, it started when Tidal said that “around 75% of the monthly subscription is passed back to music labels… who then distribute to artists and songwriters.”

Earlier this week, Jay Z and other notable artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and others, signed a declaration that they would take back their royalties. Jay Z even went to NYU to defend his new venture saying, “If you provide a service, you should be compensated for it. And not just artists — just think about the writers and the producers.”

Do you agree with the Lily Allen’s views on Tidal?


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