Keeping her “Let’s Move” campaign Pop culture friendly, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by The Tonight Show again tonight and danced up a storm with host Jimmy Fallon.

More than two years after the duo originally acted out their hilarious “Evolution Of Mom Dancing” bit, the First Lady returned for an even better Part 2 on the latest episode of the show. Running through moves like the “You Go, Girl” and “Oh My God, I Didn’t Know You Were Coming Here!” together, Obama and Fallon even took some playful digs at one another with the comedian showing off his best “Barack Obama” dancing impression before she joined in with an even goofier imitation of Fallon himself.

Check out the clip of the “Evolution Of Mom Dancing Part 2” below.

During the interview itself the First Lady recapped the last five years of her anti-childhood obesity campaign, shared some insight about the Obama household, and even spoke about her relationship with music.

“I have an iPod,” she said. “I usually just put my earphones in in the car. I’m always listening to music. That’s the way I kind of settle myself.”

As for what her daughters are listening to, Michelle admitted that there’s a disconnect between their tastes.

“Now I’m at the stage where my kids are introducing me to music and they’re like, ‘You don’t wanna hear this mom,'” she said. “‘The language is too bad.’ ‘Well, what are you doing listening to it?'”

Maybe Malia showed her mom the new Joey Bada$$ album?


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