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Tomorrow (April 4), TV One will premiere its latest made-for-TV movie, To Hell And Back. The new original film is a modern adaptation of The Book Of Job, in which a wealthy man and his family face a series of trials and tribulations that test their faith in God.

The main character, Joe Patterson, is a successful real estate developer who perseveres one crisis after another, including the murder of one of his sons, family illness, and freak accidents.

If a juicy Easter-friendly movie you can watch with your folks isn’t enticing enough on its own, here are five reasons you should definitely tune into To Hell And Back tomorrow night at 8pm EST, on TV One.

1. Ernie Hudson Is The Star

From his early role in Ghostbusters to his spot as the Warden in HBO’s OzErnie Hudson has done it all. After a stint in the Marine Corps when he was young, Hudson got his start in the acting business as a playwright before landing that unforgettable part as Winston Zeddermore in Ghostbusters. Since then he’s bounced from HBO to supporting roles in everything from Miss Congeniality to The Basketball DiariesTo Hell And Black finds Hudson as the lead, and as consistent an actor as he’s proven himself over the years, that’s exactly where belongs.

2. The Story Is Just As Relevant Today

As hard as it is to convince a younger crowd of this fact, the Bible can be pretty racy. Still, the age-old characters don’t exactly jump off the page. To Hell And Back updates the story of Job in a modern setting and the movie makes it a bit easier to relate. We all love a rags-to-riches story, but there’s something unsettling about watching someone fall from grace. Joe Patterson, the modern-day Job in To Hell And Back, manages to never lose his grace or faith as his world crumbles around him. It’s the same foundation that makes the Biblical Job so admirable and a reminder that we could all take a leaf out of “The Book Of Job.”

3. It’s A Perfect Family Movie For Easter

Finding a movie the whole family can huddle around during the (religious) holidays can be a drag. We’re often stuck between something our grandparents can keep up with and a show or movie that’ll keep the attention of our little cousins/nephews/nieces. Every now and then there’s something that can appease the entire crowd and given the intersection of drama and faith in To Hell And Back the movie is a perfect Easter weekend flick.

4. It Might Test Your Own Faith

The whole point of “The Book Of Job” is that the guy has an unbelievably patient faith and he’s a nearly unattainable model for all of us because of it. It’s a character trait that doesn’t jive well in the fast-paced world of the 21st century, which is why To Hell And Back works so well.

Ernie Hudson’s co-star in the film, the prolific Vanessa Bell Calloway, broke down the moral in a recent interview about the movie. “You have to have the faith to know that God has your back and the patience to let him do  his thing,” she said. “And that’s a very hard thing to do is to have patience and faith at the same time.”

5. It’s Full Of Scandal

Alright, it’s hard to top the type of scandal that Shonda Rhimes has written into her TV shows, but To Hell And Back is packed full of a similar type of heart-racing drama. There’s no spoiler in saying things don’t go well for Job/Joe, but the contemporary calamities he faces in TV One’s new movie fit the plot of a racy network drama as much as a 2,000 year old story. Joe somehow manages to hold onto his faith through a murder in the family, an accident that takes someone close to him, and plenty more.


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