Meek Mill Official Grammy Party 2015

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well, we’re giving you the good.

Finally! After months of constantly teasing fans, we now have confirmation that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are together. In XXL’s cover story for the magazine’s Spring 2015 issue, Meek Mill indeed confirmed his relationship with the Young Money artist.

However, with any good news there’s always some bad, right?

Meek Mill is reportedly being sued for throwing a party for over a 1,000 people in Beverly Hills’ famous glass house mansion on Grammy Weekend. According to TMZ, Meek ignored the landlord’s strict no-party rule, and things went from bad to worse when a fight broke out and all the guests poured out onto the street.

The publication reports that it took police hours to clear the neighborhood and although no one was arrested, Meek got into big trouble with the landlord. When Meek and his entourage signed a weeklong lease on the property, the management company warned them not to even think about having a Grammy party on the premises, according to the lawsuit. The landlord himself says that the lease limited Meek to having no more than six people on the residence at any one time.

The lawsuit cites the landlord as saying that the place was left trashed with broken furniture, broken glass, destroyed landscaping and even a broken trampoline.

Reportedly, Meek Mill is being sued by the property’s landlord for breaking the lease, for damages, and for roughly 994 people trespassing. To see photos of the damage, click here.

Well, at least his girl is bad, right?


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