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'Entourage' Season 8 Premiere - Arrivals

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We’ve now been blessed with three trailers for the upcoming Entourage movie, and the plot is slowly unravelling, bit-by-bit.

To try and piece together the story before it’s out, we’ve watched all three trailers back-to-back to try and carve out a concrete narrative for the film.

Something worth mentioning is that after watching all three teasers for the film, there appears to be no distinct storyline for Johnny “Drama” Chase. Nevertheless, for those who are familiar with the Johnny’s Bananas frontman, we all know he’ll sneak in somewhere. VICTORY!

Also of note, Jerry Ferrara, who plays Turtle in the film, hit Instagram late last week to announce that the movie is now being released on June 3 instead of the original date of June 5. But so far, there’s been no clarification from Warner Bros.

Trailer #1

The first trailer of the Entourage movie, fittingly, showed us a trailer of a new Vincent Chase movie, one that Ari Gold had allocated $100 million to put together. But, there’s a slight problem… The boys had gone $15 million over.

We also learn that Vinny wants to direct his next project, something that as studio head, Ari knows isn’t best. At this point, Ari would almost certainly be having flashbacks to the career suicide that was Medellin.

We also see Turtle trying to get with none other than current UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey. He challenges the champ, “Take me for a round,” Turtle says. “I last 30 seconds, you’ll let me take you out on a date.”

Her reply? “Last 60 seconds and I’ll let you [bell rings].” One can only imagine her proposition was to get a little more intimate.

Check out the first trailer below:

Trailer #2

In the second trailer, the plot details become a littler clearer. With $100 million, Vinny is tasked with starring in Ari’s first film as studio head, but he also wants to direct, and we all know that when Vince has his mind set on something, there’s no changing it.

In the mix of all this, Sloan McQuewick heads into labor with E’s baby, someone’s sex tape gets out and Lloyd Lee, Ari’s former assistant, reveals he’s getting married.

Check out trailer number two  below:

Trailer #3

Not much more gets revealed in trailer three, although we see a few more of the cameos that were previously hinted at during the movie’s production. We see Piers Morgan and professional soccer player Thierry Henry, as well as cameos from the stars we already knew would make appearances, including Pharrell Williams and T.I., among others.

Check out the third trailer below:

UPDATE: Entourage’s director and writer  Doug Ellin took to Instagram yesterday (April 22) to reveal that the movie’s release date had been brought forward to June 3, instead of the original date of June 5.

For those aiming to rewatch the entire series before the movie hits theaters, we suggest starting now!


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