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Pissed people love to write letters about how angry they are, and nothing makes them more pissed off than the nine-year-old “Dick in a Box” sketch from SNL. Actually, it’s more like anything from SNL gets people riled up, and the Atlantic went back through three years of complaints and gathered the best of the worst for our enjoyment.

Among the things that viewers loathed (besides “D-ck in a Box,” of course) was Jamie Foxx as host as well as jokes with other sexual innuendos.

“Last night’s airing of Saturday Night Live … was the most filthy, obscene and objectionable program I believe I have ever seen in my life. For a 69-year-old, who has seen a lot on broadcast and cable TV, that is saying a lot … Overtly smutty skits and songs … I found it necessary after a very short while to tune out and switch to PBS, where our still civilized British cousins provide decent and enjoyable programming.”

“And you also did nothing when they showed a pro-homosexual episode [with] multiple men making out with each other,” someone from Michigan wrote. “Do you have a bias against Christianity and do you have a bias that is for promoting homosexuality?”

“Jamie Foxx is offensive. I am sick and tired of people being racist on TV because they are non-white. If this were a white person it would have been pulled off the air.”

“I do not like hearing Jamie Foxx on TV talking about killing all the white people. When this country is at a time with all the killings with guns. And now we have Jamie Foxx on TV trying to be funny and racist … I am outraged that was allowed to be aired on TV.”

“This has me very concerned for my safety and many others.”

Read the rest of the funny complaints here.


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