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Solange‘s friend and business partner Armina Mussa, 24, is in critical condition after being stabbed 10 times outside her New Orleans home, Wednesday night. Suspect Arronesia Christophe, 26, was arrested on attempted second-degree murder after police say she stabbed Mussa. Christophe claimed she acted in self-defense after Mussa attacked her.

According to reports from the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Mussa, was stabbed on the 2200 block of N. Derbigny Street. Christophe allegedly arrived to the house, where the incident happened, around 6:45pm. Reports claim Mussa yelled at her to leave. Christophe allegedly asked, “We’re just friends, why do I have to leave?” After which, she grabbed a folding knife from her car and instructed Mussa to “get back.” Christophe claims Mussa punched her and attempted to drag her to the ground by her hair then she began swinging the knife. Christophe claims she didn’t know she stabbed Mussa, because the victim continued to punch her harder, the police report states.

A NOPD sergeant described Mussa’s wounds as “potentially fatal.” She underwent numerous surgeries.

Mussa serves as the project director for Solange’s Saint Heron brand and is co-owner of the French Quarter boutique, Exodus Goods. Christophe, who is being held on $500,000 bail, is an “Executive Team Lead” at Target.

Solange, who was in LA at the time, rushed to her friend’s side. She attended a hearing for Christophe in magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell’s courtroom shortly before 3 p.m, reports Sources say Solange appeared very concerned for her best friend.



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