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'Think Like A Man Too' - Los Angeles Premiere

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Saturday Night Live was on a roll the past few weeks. DwayneThe Rock” Johnson was excellent in his fourth time hosting, and Michael Keaton was brilliantly weird last week. Plus, Weekend Update has turned up a few notches. So it was the perfect time for Taraji P. Henson to own her first hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, right?

Unfortunately, Henson caught the writers on an off week. She was more than enthusiastic throughout the night, appearing in nearly every sketch. But the script was sorely lacking of wit, and that was clear when they decided to pen yet another musical opening monologue. For that next hour, you got an unfunny QVC sketch, an uncreative Nicki Minaj impersonation and an uncharismatic turn as a prosecutor for Henson. The disappointment doesn’t solely rest on Henson, though: highlights were few all around.

Except for the Weekend Update (“Cops hate pictures, it’s like their least favorite thing to shoot,” the line of the night delivered by Michael Che) and Game of Thrones reimagined as a John Singleton flick, the highlight moments really came through in the episode’s last 40 minutes. Henson took part in a brilliant satirical take on feminism solidarity, and Cookie wreaked havoc on the Cookie Monster and Sesame Street in a skit (it doesn’t go very well for Elmo). But with few highlights, it’s clear that the writers just couldn’t figure out how to use Henson.

Anyway, take a look at some of Henson’s notable moments below.

Opening Monologue/Musical

South Centros

Cookie on Sesame Street

Taraji P. Henson as Nicki Minaj

Teacher’s Pet


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'Think Like A Man Too' - Los Angeles Premiere
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