Tha Carter V isn’t coming out, and Young Thug‘s Carter 6 is still expected to drop this week. As you can imagine, Lil Wayne is still not a very happy camper.

He took another few shots at Rich Gang. Lil Wayne expressed his distaste for Young Thug’s album cover in a concert at Nashville’s Limelight club. However, another clip sent to Hot 107.9 today (April 13) shows he took another jab at Rich Gang during the concert.

“I want ya’ll to do me a favor,” Lil Wayne said, addressing the crowd. “If ya’ll ever have Rich Gang or whoever it is in in this motherf***a, ya’ll let ’em know I said, ‘F**k ’em.'” Gunshot sounds went off immediately after to signal that shots were indeed fired.

On top of that, Lil Wayne opened up the work week with a dis on Future‘s “Commas.”

“They don’t call me Jr. no more/ They call me the No. 1 stunna,” Lil Wayne says, obviously addressing his former daddy.

Give the short track a listen below as the saga continues.


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