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Just when you thought seeing Amber Rose without Photoshop, Iggy Azalea‘s awful stage performance, and the formula for the resurrection of Bill Cosby‘s career, episode four of #NoFilter has again pushed the limits of hilarity!

In the fourth installment, we’re examining The Book of Yeezus, Plies’ not-so-friendly encounter with a fan, and DMX allegedly robbing a young man at a gas station.

Take a look at a few of the standout quotes from our cast of writers and internet personalities: Stuff Fly People Like’s Rae Holliday, Karlie Hustle of K.Hustle LLC, HelloBeautiful’s Danielle Young, Cory Townes, LowKey, Taj RaniSkoob & special guest DJ Cipha Sounds!

1. Karlie Hustle – “I don’t wanna be sacrilegious or anything, but that actually sounds like a better read than the original.”

The hustler thinks The Book of Yeezus is probably a worthwhile read.

2. Danielle – “I’m all about ‘Tyler Perry presents: The Book of Yeezus‘”

Danielle takes the gospel according to Kanye, one step further and makes it a movie!

3. Cory Townes – “I haven’t seen a body to body suplex since Taz in ECW!”

Cory immediately had flashbacks to the glory days of wrestling, after witnessing Plies get body slammed during his concert.

4. Cipha Sounds – “Kanye’s gonna play Kanye! It don’t matter what age; He’s gonna play teenage Kanye, baby Kanye, Easter Sunday Kanye!”

The movie version of The Book of Yeezus would be an all-around Kanye West flick, according to the legendary DJ.

5. LowKey – “1. Why do you have that much money on you, in Newark? 2. Why are you talking to DMX in Newark?!”

LowKey was completely lost as to why and how the DMX robbery actually took place. In fact, he was forced to drown his sorrow in adult beverages.


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