Suge Knight

Source: Getty Images / Getty

The hits keep on coming for Suge Knight; and by hits, we don’t mean #1 chart-toppers. The former head of Death Row Records will stand trial for the murder of Terry Carter and the attempted murder of Cle “Bone” Sloan, both of whom Knight mowed down with his vehicle following an altercation this past January. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ruling came down today from Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen, who also reduced Knight’s bail from $25 million to $10 million.

While prosecutors contend that Knight intentionally backed his car over Sloan and Carter, his attorney, Matthew Fletcher, maintains that his client was acting in self-defense; Sloan reportedly admitted to attacking Knight first, but also claims not to remember the fight. He has subsequently been granted limited immunity.

If convicted, Knight may be looking at life in prison.

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