Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Holds Press Conference

Source: Dan Kitwood / Getty

Earlier today, more than 30,000 documents and 170,00 emails from Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) surfaced, thanks to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks site. The items were among those obtained when Sony Pictures was hacked back in December 2014, an incident which the White House claims can be traced to North Korea. Apparently, when the Sony hack first happened, a sizable number of the documents and emails were removed; now, however, the entire archive is searchable. A statement on the WikiLeaks site states: “Now published in a fully searchable format The Sony Archives offer a rare insight into the inner workings of a large, secretive multinational corporation. The work publicly known from Sony is to produce entertainment; however, The Sony Archives show that behind the scenes this is an influential corporation, with ties to the White House (there are almost 100 US government email addresses in the archive), with an ability to impact laws and policies, and with connections to the US military-industrial complex.”

Assange is quoted as saying, “This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation. It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there.”

SPE released a statement condemning WikiLeaks’ role in “assisting” the hackers in distributing sensitive, proprietary information, and for WikiLeaks’ insistence that these documents must remain accessible to the public.

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