If you’re a first time visitor to the wonderful world of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta debauchery, don’t worry, we’re about to bring you fully up to speed.

The premiere episode of season four kicks off with Mimi revealing that she’s written a book and started an artist management company while working to rebuild her reputation after last season’s freaky flick fiasco with her ex-boyfriend, Nikko. And because the Love and Hip Hop franchise would likely cease to exist without the presence of elite-level creepiness, Stevie J is still around.

Mimi has enlisted Stevie to guide her through the artist management process as her business partner. While it’s not completely clear exactly what they do, it looks like Mimi scouts new talent to manage and Stevie uses his music industry expertise to make them superstars.

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 3 Premiere Private Viewing Party

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Wait, no, not that kind of superstar. Think less shower rods and more studio time. Too soon, Mimi?

Stevie concluded their brief meet up by offering Mimi an exclusive bottle of his “special sauce” to give their daughter Eva a sibling because why not?

Of course, where there’s a Steebie, there’s a Joseline not far behind.

The explosive season three reunion show finale sent Benzino and Althea to the unemployment line. It also left many questioning whether or not Joseline was all jacked up on something other than Mountain Dew after she went WWE Smackdown on many of her fellow cast members. To follow up on her, Stevie informs a hilariously curious Mimi that his blushing bride is away “getting herself together.”

In other news, Erica greets Momma Dee with flowers as she prepares to perform her new single “I Deserve.” They briefly discuss the child support payments that Scrappy is currently behind on for their daughter, Emani. Momma Dee speculates that Scrappy’s relationship with #TheBambi is causing him to confuse his priorities, but later suggests to a defensive Scrappy and Bambi that Erica believes their relationship is at the root of Scrappy’s money problem.

Scrappy had a few words to say on the issue, but unfortunately there weren’t any subtitles sooooo…

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Less than halfway through the episode, we were formally introduced to Nikko’s not-so-estranged wife Margeaux. Nikko puts on his Sunday best and meets up with Margeaux in the park like all people do who want to talk to their wives about working things out after years of separation, but wifey isn’t too sold on the idea of moving her life to Atlanta to give it another shot with hubby dearest. Margeaux describes Nikko as “one of the most hated men in Atlanta” and tearfully chastises him for not being honest with her about plans to make a sex tape with Mimi in spite of their “open marriage.” Nikko insists that he can introduce her to people not named Mimi and show her all that Atlanta has to offer.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Stevie agrees to check out Mimi’s newest “talent” Tiffany Foxx a second time at a local hotspot after being underwhelmed with her initial audition. Then came the drama. The whole scene soon turns sour after he has one too many drinks and ends up embarrassing Mimi in front of Rasheeda and Karlie Redd, who also came to see the showcase. We could say that we didn’t see this coming but with Stevie’s super cool (read: terrible) Gumby haircut and Mimi’s costly bodily assets on all in one room, the night was bound to end in foolery.

Speaking of Mimi, Nikko shows up to rudely interrupt one of her photo shoots and remind her that he is entitled to 25 percent of the proceeds from her book deal. He claims she signed away a portion of the rights to her soul book at some point in between the time he fake-lost their sex tape and the moment she found out he was a fraud. Mimi later informs Stevie of her regrettable contract negotiations, which prompts him to meet up with Nikko in a darkly-lit parking lot to discuss things like all men do when their baby mama’s ex-sextape co-star won’t go away. Stevie maintains his poker face until Nikko brings up his daughter Eva, at which point Stevie puts all the super powers in his camouflage windbreaker pants to good use and tackles Nikko.

Mimi Faust Hosts Aurum Lounge

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Kirk and Rasheeda continue to do their marriage dance as Kirk looks to employ yet another PYT. This time, Kirk has signed young “new artist” Ashley Nicole to his record label. We then see Kirk and Ashley in his new office, which is actually a full furnished two-bedroom apartment of which Rasheeda has no knowledge. In Ashley’s defense, she does seem like a really good teleprompter reader. And you know those are hard to come by.

We’re just wondering what the over/under is on how much time before Rasheeda gives Kirk the hot grits treatment with the cameras rolling.

All in all, it looks like this season of LHHATL won’t soon disappoint! What do you think was the most memorable moment from the premiere?

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