Dame Dash/ Rachel Roy

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the highly contentious back and forth between Damon Dash and his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, just took another turn. Dash reportedly filed a summons in New York Supreme Court and will likely attempt to sue Roy for $2.5 million. The timing of the case is curious, as Dash lost a custody battle to Roy days ago and was also hit with a restraining order. reports the following:

“[Dash] has broadly outlined allegations that Roy mismanaged the business, violated certain provisions of the company’s operating agreement and interfered with cash distributions to Dash. The claims add up to $2.5 million in asserted damage with an additional $2.5 million claim being made against another party.”

Dash and Roy split in 2009 after a four-year marriage. They share two children, Ava Dash and Tallulah Dash. You can read the full details of Dash’s proposed lawsuit against Roy at

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