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Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly is the type of album Hip Hop fans and even academics will still be poring over for decades to come. For now, K. Dot himself just dropped a little hint about a hidden feature inside the album’s CD booklet that helps decipher the album’s full title.

Speaking with Mass Appeal for the publication’s latest cover story, Lamar agreed that To Pimp A Butterfly plays out like a poem before dropping details about a hidden “sketch of braille” in the CD packaging.

“[There]’s actually a sketch of braille that’s added to the title hidden inside the [CD] booklet that I don’t think nobody has caught yet,” Lamar said. “You can actually feel the bump lines. But if you can see it, which is the irony of it, you can break down the actual full title of the album.”

Lamar also explained why he changed the album’s title from a Tupac homage, 2 Pimp A Caterpillar, to the final version.

“Well, I just liked the contrast,” he said. “These are things that I think a long time about. Everything is intricate. I wouldn’t say intricate, but it’s important for me. It was something about ‘butterfly,’ how soft it sounds, and how hard ‘pimp’ sounds. It was just the contrast. That’s how my music is. It’s a roller coaster. It’s cohesive enough, but it’s up and down. You’re going through these different emotions, and I wanted [the title] to reflect that.”

Earlier in the interview K. Dot detailed how To Pimp A Butterfly can represent a particular “American dream” as well.

“It’s the American dream because everybody wanna feel like they’re in control of their success,” he said. “We’re puppets in so many different places [in our lives]. To pimp out something from a negative place and take it to a positive place, that’s what everybody wanna do. Everybody have their own story. I have mine with good kid, m.A.A.d city. You have yours. And to come out of these harsh realities and do something positive, you’re pimping the butterfly. You’re coming out this cocoon of this caterpillar and you’re making the best out of it. Everybody wanna do that.”

Read the full interview on Mass Appeal here.


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