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This week’s episode of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta was full of fluff, foolery and very little facts.

Karlie has a billion dollar business that she started when she was 15, Scrappy doesn’t owe Erica any child support, Joseline doesn’t have a substance abuse problem….and the list of faux-facts just kept growing as the cameras kept rolling.

Let’s get into this week’s LHHATL season 4, episode 4 recap.

Love & Hip Hop Takeover

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Joseline Visits Stevie In Rehab

Stevie J. reaches the point in his rehab stint where he is now allowed to have visitors. He’s greeted by none other than his wifey Joseline and her extraordinarily terrible blonde pixie wig. Joseline attempts to tell Stevie about her not-so-friendly meeting with Mimi, but he shuts her down immediately when the tone of her recap turns negative. Stevie subtly changes the subject by telling Joseline that in order for him to remain clean following rehab, he will need to keep drugs and alcohol as far away from him as possible. He asks Joseline if she’ll be able to refrain from smoking weed or drinking alcohol with him for support. She can’t. Joseline says Stevie’s substance abuse problems should not require her to change her life since she’s not the one with the problem.

Kaleena And Tony Prepare To Welcome Their Baby Boy

Kaleena is preparing for her baby boy, but she’s having trouble taking her focus off of unfinished business related to her career. Her husband Tony says the baby came at the most inopportune time possible but vows that they will figure out how to make it work. Kaleena is apprehensive about Tony working with an old business partner who she feels played a role in his past infidelity. She’s also not happy about Tony’s sudden news that he plans to invest a large bulk of their money into a joint club venture with the old, shady business partner.

'Think Like A Man Too' Atlanta Premiere - After Party

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Karlie And Rasheeda Meet Up To Discuss The Drama At Karlie’s Store Opening

While getting drinks, Karlie tells Rasheeda that she didn’t feel Erica was brought to her store opening with good intent on Rasheeda’s part. Rasheeda says she thought they should be able to talk out whatever issues they had without pettiness. When Karlie responds by telling Rasheeda that she was wrong for “ganging up” on her with Erica, Rasheeda says it was really Jessica Dime who caused things to escalate from bad to worse. It doesn’t take long for them to start insulting the other’s “million dollar” business ventures before launching into a curse-out session.

Mimi Faust Hosts Aurum Lounge

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Nikko Tells Margeaux “The Truth” About His Sex Tape With Mimi

Nikko reveals that he moved Margeaux into an apartment two floors below his own place in Atlanta. He visits her apartment where they discuss what’s next with regard to their relationship.  She declines his offer to move in with him and reminds him that they’re in an “open” marriage by default and not by choice. Margeaux tells him that the only way they can move forward with their relationship is for him to be honest with her about everything that happened with Mimi. After Margeaux asks Nikko directly whether or not he leaked the sex tape behind Mimi’s back, he claims that he took the wrap for leaking it because Mimi has a young daughter but says it was actually Mimi who masterminded the whole operation. Margeaux criticizes Nikko for allowing Mimi to “ruin his character” by agreeing to take the fall for the sex tape and he “begs” her (on camera) to keep the “real truth” about the tape a secret.

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Stevie Meets With Mimi At Church

Stevie invites Mimi to church to talk in hopes of a more peaceful meeting than the one he had with Joseline. He updates Mimi on his progress in rehab. She asks him how he plans to stay sober after rehab if he’ll be going back into the same environment that he was in before, and he reassures her of his plans to change his surroundings to accommodate his new, substance-free lifestyle. Mimi tells Stevie her version of the meeting with Joseline and emphasizes the fact that Joseline refused to admit attacking her during the reunion show.

106 & Park Live

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Sina Shows KD Proof Of Her Ongoing Affair With Joc

KD checks Sina for showing up to her “place of business” to discuss their drama. Sina immediately reveals that the reason for her visit is to show KD video proof that she and Joc are still sleeping together. Despite previously requesting proof from Sina, KD becomes enraged and throws Sina’s tablet upon watching the video from the last episode of her and Joc at her house together. KD kicks Sina out of her office after proclaiming that she still plans to build a life with Joc in spite of their ongoing affair.

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Scrappy And Erica Come Face-To-Face With Their Lawyers Present

Scrappy, Erica and their lawyers sit down in an attempt to settle their child support dispute out of court. Erica appears shocked to hear Scrappy’s lawyer suggest that they don’t believe he owes Erica any child support. Scrappy then interjects and says that his daughter is happy and wants for nothing. He also claims that he is holding up the non-court ordered “agreement” he made with Erica and says the two-year gap in his child support payments aren’t valid because he was living with and engaged to Erica during that time. Ultimately, the four fail to reach an agreement and Erica is the first to leave the meeting with her lawyer close behind.

Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez

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Stevie and Joseline See A Therapist

The therapist suggests that Joseline may have a substance abuse problem of her own if she can’t commit to giving up drugs and alcohol for a year to support Stevie J. Joseline says she won’t stop drinking, but will “try her best” to stay away from other substances. Joseline breaks down when Stevie continues to remind her that everything they have together is because of him. She says Stevie’s controlling ways drives her to support him by giving up drugs or alcohol along with him.

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