Suge Knight

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Suge Knight is currently in a battle for both his health and his freedom, after he was charged for running over and killing Terry Carter. Embroiled in the fight of his life, Suge’s health has began to deteriorate and the former Death Row CEO has been facing severe health issues.

Recently, Suge has passed out multiple times which has puzzled his physicians. Given his diminished health, his doctors want to perform an MRI to determine the underlying issue, but according to TMZ, Suge is blocking their request.

To perform an accurate scan, doctors are challenged to remove a bullet fragment that’s been lodged into Knight’s head for the past 19 years. Suge drove the car that 2Pac was riding in on the night of the fatal shooting that eventually would cause ‘Pac his life.

Matthew Fletcher, Suge’s attorney, confirms that his client believes if doctors attempt to remove the fragment he will die during the surgery. Click here for more details.

Written by Lauren Beasley, Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit.

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