Another Monday has come and gone and guess what that means? Yep, another wild episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been added to the archive.

This episode’s highlights included new allies, unreasonable debt, a surprise musical guest, a hoodrich “proposal” and plenty of quotables.

Let’s get started.

Joseline meets with Nikko’s wife, Margeaux. Despite not knowing Joseline well, Margeaux is so happy to confide in someone other than Nikko that she feels comfortable telling Joseline her personal business. She tells Joseline that she knew all about Mimi before the sextape and that she doesn’t matter. Margeaux ultimately shares Nikko’s version of the truth about the sextape with Joseline, which is that Mimi planned the entire tape and made up the story about the bag being lost in the airport as a cover. Joseline says she’s not surprised.

Mimi meets up with both Tiffany Foxx and Jessica Dime separately. Mimi convinces each of them to give her a “trial run” to show them that she can produce the results desired and in turn begin managing them officially if all goes well. However, when Mimi attempts to keep good on her promise to both at once and invites them both to the studio to meet with producer Jazzy Pha, things go downhill quickly. After a screaming match erupts between Tiffany and Jessica, Jazzy ends up kicking Jessica out of the building for being disrespectful.


Momma Dee meets up with her ex-husband Ernest for a romantic dinner at a chicken wing bar. She says she feels justified in getting him thrown in jail because he stole from Scrappy. Despite their history, she and Ernest agree that they both want to be together and he proposes to her by offering her a cocktail with a “promissary ring” attached to the cherry stem in the bottom of the glass. She rejects the ring at first, insisting that she deserves a classier proposal, but later reconsiders and puts the ring on after removing it from a glass of red wine.

Rasheeda visits Kirk at the worksite for their new home currently in development and puts him on blast about spending $32,000 in one day. She believes Kirk is being selfish with their joint funds by using them at his leisure while keeping her from investing any of their money into the store she’d like to open. After Rasheeda voices her frustration with Karlie throwing her store opening in her face, Kirk reveals that he’s currently about $100,000 in debt.

The debt prompts Rasheeda to tell Kirk that she plans to freeze their joint account.

Momma Dee tells Scrappy that she’s reunited with his stepfather Ernest and does a really weird celebration dance. Scrappy says he’s on board with the relationship if they are both happy to be back together despite their past. Scrappy tells Momma Dee that she’ll have a harder time convincing her other child, his sister, that she and Ernest reuniting is a good idea. Momma Dee suggests having a family dinner at Scrappy’s house to break the news to both families.

Faith Evans stops by to visit Stevie in rehab. He reminisces during the confessional about spending time with Faith and her late ex-husband Biggie Smalls in their home back when he was producing for Bad Boy. Faith tells Stevie that she felt the need to come and visit him in rehab to see if he needed anything because he always there for her back in the day. Stevie talks to her about being frustrated by Joseline not agreeing to give up alcohol with him after he gets out of rehab. He also expresses that he’d like to be doing as well as his former peers he came up with in the music industry like Diddy and Jay Z. Faith extends him an invitation to produce for her upcoming “Kind And I” album of duets featuring herself and Biggie when he gets out of rehab. Stevie is excited about the opportunity

Scrappy and Bambi meet with his sister Jasmine and her boyfriend to discuss Momma Dee reuniting with their stepfather Ernest. Jasmine recalls disliking the way Ernest treated their mother when they were young and therefore not being in favor of their reunion. She says she finds it suspicious that Ernest would want to reunite with Momma Dee immediately after getting out of prison when she was the one who sent him there in the first place. Jasmine then tells the table that she believes Ernest is after Momma Dee’s money.

Joseline invites a few of her female cast members and a few new faces over for her party. Margeaux shows up, to Karlie’s surprise, and begins to tell all. Karlie asks Margeaux if she and Nikko are swingers and she says no but admits that they have an open relationship. Margeaux then asks the ladies if they really believe that the sex tape was leaked before finally sharing Nikko’s theory that Mimi was actually behind the release of the tape.

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