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Obama Attends In Performance at the White House: Red, White and Blues

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The Rolling Stones participated in a Q&A session over Twitter yesterday (May 18).

Fans chimed in and asked the rock collective a wide variety of questions, with one fan asking frontman Mick Jagger who his favorite rappers are. His answer?

“My favorite rappers are Vybz Collins, I like him, and I guess Jay Z,” Mick Jagger said, presumably meaning Vybz Kartel. The singer went onto detail why he enjoys listening to those two in particular.

“One is very different from the other,” Jagger said. “Jay Z’s got this whole body of work and he’s put himself together with great tunes as well. And Vybz Collins is just completely mad dancehall and totally different. It’s very difficult to understand a word he says until you’ve heard it about 100 times [laughs].”

Shifting subjects, Jagger went onto remember the late B.B. King, who passed away at the age of 89 last Thursday.

“I was just looking at a picture of myself and B.B. backstage at Madison Square Garden in, I think it was 1969,” Mick Jagger said. “He played a lot of gigs with us on that tour. He was a great guy. We last played with him in a blues concert at the White House. It’s sad. He had such a huge, long career. It’s very sad that we won’t be listening to him live anymore. He’s got so many recordings, it’s difficult to choose. The one that we all had when we were young was ‘Live at the Regal,’ that’s a really nice record.”


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