Funkmaster Flex/David Letterman

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Funkmaster Flex‘s drop is just as legendary as the man himself. But how did he even get David Letterman, whose last show aired last night, on his signature drop? Well, it all happened by accident, to make fun of Rosie Perez when she appeared on The Late Show back in 1993, according to Rolling Stone.

Perez told a story about how she got into a Funk Flex party at the Palladium in New York City, and through all of her nervousness – which Letterman took “advantage” of – she asked the host if he had ever heard of a Funkmaster Flex party. From Rolling Stone:

“It was really hard to find a guy from around the way,” she tells Letterman. “So I was going to the Palladium on Funkmaster Flex Night, you know that?” “Oh, yeah,” he responds, intentionally over-enunciating the name of the party. “Funk. Master. Flex night… Hard to get a ticket to Funkmaster Flex Night.” 

“David Letterman made fun of me,” Perez now recalls. “When I said, ‘Yeah!’ I wasn’t joking or playing dumb. I’m like, ‘Yeah, it is hard to get a ticket! He is that good! Everybody wants to get in there! You go and you’ll have to wait on the line.’ I didn’t have to wait on the line, thank goodness, but you know.”

Flex remembers the drop turning into something great. A coworker saw the show, took Letterman saying “Funkmaster Flex night” and looped it. “For some reason, it became a big deal,” he said to Rolling Stone. “I guess it was to some kids because Letterman is so not hip-hop. I was so hood…it was like, ‘When did he find time to say Flex’s name?!?'”

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