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There are endless conversations about black women and relationships, and this time it was brought up on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry WilmoreHe had a panel discussion with director and author, Issa RaeNew York Live‘s Jacque Reid; comedian Marina Franklin; and Christina Greer, an Assistant Professor at Fordham University.

Wilmore asked the women about the difficulties they have when dating. They concluded the pickings aren’t so vast, and black men know it. The panel also touched on interracial relationships, and why they accept black women dating interracially over black men. “I’ve seen black men, friends of mine, date outside their race, and you give them a side [eye],” said Issa Rae. “You give black men a hard time,” replied Wilmore. Rae disagreed, and said it happened vice versa.

“I see black men who won’t watch Scandal just because Kerry Washington’s character is involved with a white man.”

“When I see a black woman date outside their race,” said Rae, “I tend to [gives head nod], you tried [to date a black man]! I know you tried.” Watch the entire clip below.


Do you agree with their statements?

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