LeBron James Introduces Nike Lebron 12

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Tonight completes what’s probably the easiest route to the Finals LeBron James ever had. The Cavs conquered a mediocre but feisty Celtics team, survived an imploding Bulls squad, and now, they’ve concussed the Hawks.

People were wondering why Kyrie Irving, who sat out the last two games with knee issues, was allowed to play against a Hawks squad that’s been as futile as an opponent against an in-his-prime Mike Tyson. Irving didn’t have to do much, though. The Cavs were chilling as they beat Atlanta, 118-88.

This will be Cavs’ first trip to the Finals since 2007, during James’s first stint in Cleveland. This is also James’s fifth straight trip to the Finals. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant never did that.

We’ll move away from poking fun at the Hawks — winning over 60 games only to get blown out by 30 in your final game is bad enough. Plus, just look at how happy Cleveland is:

On another note, J.R.Smith will play in the Finals before Carmelo Anthony. Smith’s path this season is your started from the bottom story.

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