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We never thought we’d see the day where legends would have Twitter beef. But we guess it’s a brand new day! Iconic vocalists, Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn (“Got To Be Real” and “Encore”) have beef that they spread out all over Twitter! Ms. Lynn let her song get to her head.

It all started when Cheryl posted a screenshot showing that she was blocked from being able to follow Anita on Twitter, thus putting the “No One In The World” singer on blast. “Really girl, I thought we were cool. I guess I should’ve known something was up when you ignored me,” Cheryl tweeted.

But because she’s blocked, we’re pretty sure Ms. Baker didn’t even see the tweet. But maybe Cheryl doesn’t know how it works because she continued to voice her disdain with Baker in a series of tweets–a one-sided argument if you will.

Anita chose not to stoop to her level of anger in 140 characters or less, but she did tweet a lot about the Lord. Was there a message for Cheryl there?

Was this cup of coffee for Cheryl? Cheryl definitely thought so and she offered a cup right back to Anita. Here’s the thing ladies…it’s not coffee that we’re all sipping. It’s TEA!

And once Cheryl realized she had our collective attention, she reminded us of her legendary status:

Anita has moved on and Cheryl says there’s no beef between the two and we’re like, good because the only beef we want is USDA approved.


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