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You never know quite what’s going to go down when it comes to HBO’s hit series Entourage, and from the looks of the film adaptation’s trailer, it doesn’t look like the boys’ wild ride is going to change. But we do know that whatever happens, the gang’s going to be all right— or just go back to Ma’s house in Queens. And as well-off as Jeremy Piven‘s character Ari Gold may be when it comes to riches and blockbuster success, he’s still going to be crazy.

Piven—the non-fiction, actual human being—is actually kind of chill. He’s seen Rick Ross in concert more times than he can count and readily admits he’s not much of a morning guy. To help with his chillness, Piven shared a short list of songs that he listens to when he needs to “calm the f-ck down,” exclusively with The Urban Daily.

A quick warning: The songs that calm him down do the exact opposite for most other people.


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