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Kendrick Lamar

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Kendrick Lamar headlined the annual Sweetlife Festival in Maryland last night and kept up his recent tradition of inviting a fan onstage to rap along with him. When time came for the “fan-turned-hypeman” moment during last night’s show, Lamar invited the CEO of the company putting the festival on to help him out. As it turns out, Jonathan Neman, said CEO, didn’t know the words of the track in question, K. Dot’s “m.A.A.d. city.”

Kendrick promptly booted Neman from the stage for the faux pas—to the Compton rapper’s credit, he warned folks not to hop on stage unless they were ready to rap—and passed the baton to a young woman named Ayanna who delivered in full.

The recent Kendrick Lamar boot got us thinking about some similar onstage moments that involved either fans or the performers themselves.

With no further ado, here’s a shortlist of fans and artists getting booed, booted, literally thrown offstage, and more.

Kendrick Lamar Gives Sweetlife CEO The Boot

Action Bronson Throws Fan (After Fan) Offstage

As long as we’re talking about rappers figuratively throwing fans offstage, here’s Action Bronson literally throwing a too-eager concertgoer offstage at his album release party earlier this year.

Really though, Bronson has a highlight reel of such moments, here’s one more:

Prince Waves Off Kim Kardashian For Not Dancing

Of course, fans and salad company CEO’s aren’t the only ones asked to leave the stage for misbehavior (or lack thereof), even A-list celebrity Kim Kardashian has an onstage horror story. Back in 2011 Kim K. was just kind of awkwardly standing around on stage as Prince performed to a huge crowd. “Get off the stage!” he barked, adding, “Welcome to America.”

Lupe Fiasco Escorted Off Stage At Obama Inauguration

Even performers themselves aren’t immune to the premature walk-off. While performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony in 2013, Lupe Fiasco repeated lyrics explicitly critical of the President’s drone policy. The result, not surprisingly, was a friendly invitation to exit stage right. He even got an escort!

Plies Body Slammed Off Stage By A Fan

This one from earlier this year needs little introduction. After bringing a fan onstage and talking him up, a hug turned into a body slam as Plies was thrown off stage a couple months ago at a concert in Florida.

Tyler The Creator Choked & Thrown Offstage At Gucci Mane Concert

Fans aren’t the only concertgoers who should refrain from running up on stage without an invitation. In 2012 at a Gucci Mane show in Los Angeles Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator rushed the stage and sparked a fast response from Guwop’s security team.


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